portdowngrade - A Simple Way To Get Back to
Previous Versions of FreeBSD Ports.
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portdowngrade is a command line tool, so screenshots won't be very spectacluar. After starting it, the commits are read step by step. Here

four commit actions have been read, more will follow. Building up the whole list will take some time. During this build up, the command keys might be used.

Here the list is built up fully:

Pressing the space key jumps to the next page, where the commit events 17-32 are listed. In total 55 events are found in the repository. Pressing 'd', followed by the number 8 reveals the full comment of this commit:

Pressing the enter key followed by the number 8 checks this version out (which might take some time):

Up to now, the port is still unchanged. Typing in the word 'yes' here will put the port back to the choosen version (in this example the version committed at the 20th sept 2002 17:07:33).